US film festival best acting award ‘House of fortune’

US film festival best acting award ‘House of fortune’ is an Iranian short film. it’s directed by Adel Mashoori.

US film festival’s 20th round continued from November 5 to 15. In Springfield, the capital of the US state of Illinois. ‘House of fortune’ participated in the American route 66 film festival.

US film festival winner, Nasim Afsharpour is the one and only actress in this short film. She was also in charge of the writing, and director’s consulting.  Moreover, she managed to win the best actress award at the American Route 66 Film festival with her brilliant performance. For her role in this Iranian short film as Rahil Mohajer.

‘House of fortune’ has made some previous achievements as well.

This short film also has made it to other film festivals. American jersey shore festival, Vienna Austria, Canadian shorts that are not pants, and American indie short fest and short film slam are also the festivals that will be hosting this film for participation and screening.

in addition, ‘House of fortune’ illustrates the story of a woman named Rahil Mohajer. The short film captures the essence of a series of events that take place on her wedding night.

A unique and thought-provoking fact about this film is that the lighting work was all done by a lighter and other accessory on the set and no lighting tools and professional equipment was involved.

The producer of this film is Alireza Mashoori. Furthermore, its narrators are Noushin Minaeei Fard, Peyman Mohseni, Mohammad Amin Reshnavadi, Aghil Bahrami, and Golnoosh Toloo.

More on the life of the director, Adel Mashoori, born and raised in Iran. He was born in 1984 in Mahshahr bay. His most popular work is a TV program called ‘Rayanama’. People might know him for his work as a director but he has also worked in the sound mix. Both in TV and cinema. Moreover, his most popular work in sounds is in the movie ‘death and the judge’.

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US film festival

US film festival best acting award ‘House of fortune’


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