Istanbul cultural center to host Iranian Film Week

Istanbul cultural center to host Iranian Film Week

Istanbul cultural center, Turkey, the Ali Emiri Efendi Cultural Center is hosting an Iranian Film Week beginning on February 4.

As part of the program organized by the Iranian cultural attaché in Istanbul to commemorate the anniversary of the Islamic revolution, eight films will be screened, including Reza Mirkarimi’s “As Simple as That” and “A Cube of Sugar”.

“As simple as that” depicts a day in the life of Tahereh, a devoted housewife, a helpful neighbor and an attentive person, who feels that she is unnoticed by everybody especially by her own family. This is a film about the inner emotions of a simple Iranian woman.

Istanbul cultural center

Istanbul cultural center

The story of “A Cube of Sugar” takes place in an old house in an old city in Iran. Because of the wedding of the youngest sister, all of her sisters come to their old house to help their mother.

Director Maziar Miri’s acclaimed drama “The Painting Pool” and “Sara and Aida” are other highlights of the program.

“The Painting Pool” is about Maryam and Reza, a couple who are different from other people. It’s not just a simple difference, but a very big difference. They must try to prove to others they have solved the big difference with the miracle of love.

Sara and Ayda are two intimate friends. When the reputation of one of them is in danger they both try to help resolve the situation. But how far will they go to support each other?

The program also features “Track 143” directed and written by Narges Abyar.

Based on a book of the same title written by Abyar, the film is about a great maternal sacrifice. during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war. It tells the story of Olfat, a woman who is waiting for her son, who is missing in action, to return home.

The film “Bodyguard” by Ebrahim Hatamikia is based on a true story, will  screen as well. It follows a government bodyguard. he protects a politician from a suicide bomber, but then begins to question his commitment to the job.

The screening will also include “Where Are My Shoes?” directed by Kiumars Purahmad and “Azar, Shahdokht, Parviz and Others” by Behruz Afkhami. On February 5, Miri will participate in a panel discussion. it’s about Iranian cinema with Iranian actress Fereshteh Sadr-Orafai and Turkish director Faysal Soysal.

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