Cinequest international film fest hosts ‘landless’

‘landless’ enters Cinequest international film festival

'landless' enters Cinequest international film festival

Cinequest international film fest enters ‘landless’ ‘landless’ enters Cinequest international film festival


‘landless’ will be screening in the 32nd edition of the Cinequest international film fest in the US.

‘landless’ is a joint production of MAAD movie film company and Raz Halkawt Rashid from Iraqi Kurdistan.


Touraj Aslani is the writer, director, and producer of ‘landless’.

The movie will be screened in the US at the Cinequest international film festival’s 32nd round. moreover, this festival is one of the most acclaimed film festivals by both audiences and academies.


Readers of USA Today voted Cinequest the best film festival in the country


'landless' enters Cinequest international film festival

Touraj Aslani, writer, director, and producer of ‘landless’ ‘landless’ enters Cinequest international film festival

A leading independent film festival in the world, Cinequest International Film Festival Aka Film & Creativity Festival focuses on innovative technological advancements to enhance people’s lives and is considered one of the most prestigious festivals for discovering creative movies.


Aslani’s third feature film, Landless, features renowned actors from numerous countries. Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and the Kurdistan Region along with performances in four languages: Kurdish, Turkish, Arabic, and Persian.


A film about life, war, music, immigration, and birth, “Landless” tells the story of it all. ISIS has attacked their whole city. looking for a new place with freedom and peace, they leave their homes.


Hani Mojtahedy, Shwan Attoof, and Cahit Sahin Yalcin are the main actors of this movie.

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